Fencemate products

24″ spike for 3×3 post (75mm)£9.10
Repair spur for 3×3 post (75mm)£6.50
Bolt down for 3×3 post (75mm)£7.50
Concrete in for 3×3 post (75mm)£7.50
Wooden post cap for 3×3 post95p
30″ spike for 4×4 post (100mm)£9.40
Concrete in for 4×4 post (100mm)£9.35
Bolt down for 4×4 post (100mm)£7.75
18″ spike for 2×2 post (50mm)£6.50
Bolt down for 2×2 post (50mm)£5.25

Other Accessories

Panel clips£1.00
Trellis clips£1.00
18″ Medium T/Hinge (Pair)£6.25
18″ Straight Band & Hook (Pair)£18.00
18″ Cranked Band & Hook (Pair)£18.00
12″ Medium T/Hinge (Pair)£3.61
6″ Ring Latch£6.25
Suffolk Latch£3.15
Tower Bolts 8″£2.50
Pad Bolts 8″£4.55
Cabin Hook 6″£3.25
Hasp & Staple 6″£2.00
Corner Brace 2″15p
Turn Button Cast60p
5m / 16ft Tape Measure£4.00
Hand Saws£8.50
Wheel Barrows£45.00
Chicken Wire 1m x 10m£17.00
Shed Felt 1m x 10m£23.00

Screws, Bolts & Nails

Decking Screw 50mm (Box of 200) £5.50
Decking Screw 60mm (Box of 200) £6.50
Decking Screw 75mm (Box of 200) £8.00
1 1/2″ Screws (Box of 200)£7.00
Hex Head Screws 140mm (For Sleepers)55p
Hex Head Screws 190mm (For Sleepers)70p
100mm Nylon Frame Fixings (Box of 100)£25.00
160mm Nylon Frame Fixings (Box of 100)£36.00
Coach Bolts 12mm x 150mm80p
Roofing Bolts68p
Baged Nails 1 Kilo (45mm, 50mm, 75mm or 100mm)£3.60

All prices include VAT @ 20% and may change with out notice. Delivery charges may apply.