Winter Fuel

All our coal is pre packed in 25kilo bags.

We stock three types of coal they are:

Traditional house coal what we call 3* or doubles now in 20 kilo bags £9.70
Brazier is a smokeless fuel for open fires£13.05
Wild fire is for open fires an alternative to house coal£12.70

Bottled Gas

Our gas is supplied by Flogas.


47 Kilo£86.50
19 Kilo£41.30
11 Kilo screw fitting/ 27mm patio gas£37.50
6 Kilo£24.60


13 Kilo£36.40
7 Kilo£28.40

All of the above price’s include VAT @5% and are with an exchange. Bottles will cost extra with no exchange please ask for details.


Our logs are localy sourced they are seasoned mostly soft wood. They are packed by us in the yard with an average of 12 logs per bag.

Now in stock a large bag kiln dried logs at £13 per bag that’s £2 a bag cheaper than our nearest rivals.

Winter Essentials

For when the frost or snow arrives we have got…

All price’s for winter fuel include VAT @ 5% for rock salt/snow shovels and sledge’s Vat @20% and may change at any time with out notice. Delivery charges may apply.