Gate Posts/Fence post/Rails

Our new 4 way weathered top gate post are the perfect size for hanging any size gate on these post are fully pressure treated in tanilized green.

All of our timber is pressure treated tanilised green.

2.4m (8ft) x 75mm x 75mm (3×3)/out of stock£6.75
2.1m (7ft) x 75mm x 75mm (3×3)/out of stock£6.00
1.8m (6ft) x 75mm x 75mm (3×3)/out of stock£5.40
1.5m (5ft) x 75mm x 75mm (3×3) £4.60
2.4m (8ft) x 100mm x 100mm (4×4)/out of stock£11.00
1.8m (6ft) x 100mm x 100mm (4×4)/out of stock£9.00
Wood Gravel Board (3m(10ft) x 150mm(6in) x 22mm)/out of stock£4.60
Motorway rail (3.6m (12ft) x 88mm x 38mm)£5.50
New sleepers (2.4(8ft) x 200mm(8in) x 100mm(4in)/out of stock£18.50

Feather Edge Boards

1.8m(6ft) high x 125mm(5in) wide/out of stock£1.50
1.5m(5ft) high x 125mm(5in) wide/out of stock£1.40
1.2m(4ft) high x 125mm(5in) wide£1.20
0.9m(3ft) high x 125mm(5in) wide£1.00
Backing Rails 6ft Long/out of stock£2.80
Capping Rails 6ft Long/out of stock£2.20

All price’s include VAT @ 20% and may change at any time with out notice. Delivery charges may apply.